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Design with Maintenance in Mind

TEND landscape architects specialize in the living systems and performance of landscapes from design and specification through installation and management. TEND’s philosophy is based in sustainability and stewardship. We believe that the connection between design intent and how a landscape is ultimately cared for is vital to a project’s long-term success. TEND was formed in response to a recognized need for experience and technical knowledge in the execution and care of built living systems. 

We share a passion for planning landscapes at all scales, whether residential or large public spaces; each must consider the needs of today while providing the structure for resiliency to adapt and thrive with tomorrow’s challenges. Our goal is to be a collaborator with the owner or on a multi-disciplinary team to facilitate beautiful landscapes designed and installed properly at the outset and managed for diversity and high performance into the future.

Landscape Architecture

Horticultural Consulting

Landscape Management

Public Engagement

Site Construction Administration

TEND contributes to a range of projects in various capacities. We collaborate as horticultural consultants within larger design teams, as well as provide full landscape architectural services and lead design teams.

As a socially and environmentally minded business, our mission is to make beautiful and healthy landscapes that are designed and installed properly at the outset and managed safely and cost effectively into the future.

TEND principals promote best practices in landscape design, installation, and management.