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As the Rittenhouse Square formal garden reaches its first fall and season of rest, Linda and Julie took time out to reflect on the process and how the garden unfolded this year. The observations were shared recently at a meeting of the Huntingdon Valley Garden Club.? The members were intrigued and fascinated by the process and realities of this project, which was installed this past summer and is now in the maintenance phase.? Since completing the design and consulting during the installation, TEND serves as the landscape managers, collaborating with the talented crew of Fine Garden Creations.? Being on site so often, we had plenty of interesting experiences to impart with the group from plant survival rates to results of soil tests. We all agreed we look forward to spring, when the garden will burst back with a show of over 1500 bulbs, including daffodils, tulips, windflower, snowdrops, and allium!