TEND draws on the depth of knowledge of the founding partners who are distinguished by their technical expertise uniquely paired with hands-on practice with living systems—soils and plants.

The partners have years of experience designing and managing a range of landscape types and scales. TEND understands the economic, social and environmental importance of well-executed landscape design.

Julie Snell, ASLA, ISA


Julie has worked closely with city agencies, corporations, volunteers, and other non-profit entities to advise on the daily operations of landscape management. She recognizes the value of an involved workforce to the on-going care and management of a landscape, and understands the balance required between outside perceptions and internal operations. She brings her practical experience of balancing the realities of a site and budget with the goals, expectations, and capacity of the stakeholders.

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Prior to forming TEND, Julie gained expertise in landscape management of high-profile public spaces through her 14 years as a project manager with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. She demonstrates her commitment to education and best practices in chemical-free landscape maintenance, and engages with some of the most respected, progressive professionals in the field. Julie creates and presents many educational programs, which focus on advocacy of best practices and provide a forum for professionals in the field to learn and share information. Most notably, she partnered with the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) to coordinate the first Philadelphia area Accredited Organic Land Care Course.

Julie earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art and a Master of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Pennsylvania. She is an ISA certified arborist and a NOFA certified organic land care professional and has taught classes on plant identification and urban ecology as adjunct faculty at Philadelphia University and Temple University.

Linda Walczak, ASLA, PLA


Linda is passionate about the importance of well executed public horticulture and its positive impact on our environment.  She has been deeply involved with the practical concerns of maintaining gardens, which influences her view on landscape design and installation practices.  Her keen eye for managing project quality and upholding product standards has been fine-tuned through her 20-year career in horticulture, historic preservation, and design for residential, institutional, and urban projects in the U. S. and abroad. Linda often finds design inspiration in the natural and social history of a site, and is interested in telling the unique story of a place through the landscape.

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Prior to forming TEND, Linda held positions at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society where she focused on public landscapes and green stormwater infrastructure, and at traditional landscape architecture firms in Europe and the U.S. She served as Assistant Curator of Landscape Design at an historic public garden, making significant contributions to the restoration planning. Her experience in the public and private, as well as the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, has expanded her understanding of the challenges and opportunities in designing for a range of clients.

Linda has solidified her appreciation of art, fascination with culture, and respect for nature through her education and profession. Linda holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture from the University of Maryland, and a Master of Landscape Architecture degree and Certificate in Historic Preservation from the University of Georgia. She is a registered landscape architect in Delaware and Pennsylvania and a NOFA certified organic land care professional. Linda teaches landscape design at the Arboretum School of the Barnes Foundation.

Lisa McDonald Hanes, ASLA, PLA


Lisa is a registered landscape architect in Pennsylvania and a NOFA certified organic land care professional. Lisa’s work over the past decade has been focused on fostering connections between people and their environments, understanding key components of interlocking issues then proposing meaningful solutions.  Through projects of various scales and landscape typologies, Lisa has engaged stakeholders in improving the quality of life through the built landscape. With a land ethic distilled from her family’s farming heritage, Lisa is dedicated to creating spaces that connect people to natural systems.

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Prior to forming TEND, Lisa was a project manager collaborating in the establishment of animal habitats within zoological living museums, interpreting conservation to a broad public audience. Lisa’s civic contributions began during her tenure with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society where she designed and supervised a portfolio of civic scale and neighborhood-based landscape improvement projects merging grey and green infrastructure, facilitating community engagement, and building partnerships across social, economic and agency lines, while maintaining local stewardship beyond project installation.

Educated at Purdue University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Landscape Architecture, Lisa has worked directly with community groups, municipal agencies, community development corporations, and a wide range of design professionals in the aim of improving quality of life, fostering connection, and stewarding diverse environments.