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Wyoming Avenue

Wyoming Avenue

A two mile stretch of Wyoming Avenue, a major east/west artery located near the top of the city grid, was the focus of a 6 month design and planning study lead by TEND. The scope of planning proposed by our client, Esperanza Community and Economic Development, covers roughly the entire length of Wyoming Avenue, including commercial, industrial, educational, residential, and religious parcels, as well as recreational and natural land areas. TEND worked collaboratively with their assembled team of stormwater, environmental and transportation engineers and professional cost estimators. The planning process engaged the local community as well as several key project partners from various city agencies and non-profit organizations. Addressing both aesthetic and safety concerns the goals of the study were to provide design solutions for traffic calming and safe pedestrian crossing, greening and stormwater management best practices, neighborhood identity and connectivity to surrounding park amenities.

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November 1, 2016